Art, design & illustration driven by a passion for vintage motor sport

Lead & Ink

I have been drawing all my life but still love the simplicity and immediacy of a 5B pencil on cartridge paper, or the challenge of working with ink (no rubbing out!).

Digital Composition

Digital painting and drawing offers a dazzling array of style, composition and presentation choices. Final artwork can be printed on a wide range of different substrates from archive papers to metal and foam board.

Acrylic on Board

Despite my growing interest in digital painting, the satisfaction of creating large paintings has never left me. I enjoy working with acrylics because it allows me to work fast and build up tonal layers, especially useful when working in monochrome.


I enjoy telling stories. Illustration helps to convey narrative. The versatility of the digital process allows me a great deal of choice and ensures the most suitable style for each subject.

Something for everyone

Motor sport plays a big role in my life and my artwork, but my subjects aren’t limited to things with wheels.

Ask me about a commission

If you are interested in commissioning an artwork or illustration or would like to talk about any of the work displayed,
I would be delighted to speak with you. Please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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